Health & Safety Protocols

  1. Yanaya Transport for staff: We have organised transport for all of our staff to get to work in order to avoid public transport. The below health screen is performed before they are allowed to enter the transport vehicle.
  2. Daily health screening: We are health screening all of our staff members on a daily basis for all the corona symptoms such as temperature/fever, sore throat, cough, body aches & shortness of breath. 
  3. Education: We have issued all our staff members with coronavirus information packs. 
  4. Washing & sanitizing: We are stressing to both our staff, delivery partners & customers the importance of washing & sanitising. We have sanitisers in the front & back of all our stores & are sanitising tables & surfaces regularly.
  5. Mask and face Shield wearing: We have given our staff masks and face shileds to wear. This is to reduce the risk for both staff & customers. 
  6. Contactless pick up service: We are offering a contactless pick up service. Just place your order online & simply collect when it is ready. 
  7. Our delivery partners: Order our food on our website or Whatsapp on 00263 71 737 7549. 
    • All our delivery partners are taking measures to ensure safe delivery services to you. 
    • We are also insisting that our delivery couriers sanitise their hands before they take the food from our store.
  8. Table placement in store: We will ensure that tables in store are at a reasonable distance from each other in order to create social distancing.
  9. In store air flow: We will be keeping our store doors open in order to ensure that there is a constant fresh airflow in store.